Club Executive Roles:


The President will preside over all meetings called for and shall act as an ambassador to any functions or activities held by the club or by any other club in which the President is asked to attend. The President will seek ways to help build membership, create ideas, and help promote and maintain interest by and for its members. The President shall meet at least once a quarter with the Board of Directors.

  • Oversee the group to ensure guidelines are followed while ensuring the club is run fairly.
  • Make commitments, sign contracts, coordinates with sponsors as authorized by the Board.
  • Facilitate meetings or appoint a Board Member to assist during an absence
  • Award charitable contributions
  • Fills in for other VP’s in their absence


The Vice President shall preside over all meetings called for if the President is unable to attend. The Vice President too shall act as an ambassador to any functions the President cannot attend. The Vice President shall also be in charge of all chair committees and report to the President as needed. The Vice President shall further be responsible for keeping and updating the membership roster. Fills in for the President in his/her absence

  • May fill in or assist with any other Board Member positions
  • Venue research
  • Route Planning
  • Meal coordination/locations including confirmation with local establishments.


The Sergeant-at-Arms shall be responsible for keeping and maintaining order at all club meetings and events.

  • Enforce Bylaws.
  • Communicate and handle corrective action with members.
  • Escalate Issues to Board Members.


The Secretary shall be responsible for the minutes for all meetings called for, for roll call, and handling all correspondence brought forth by the club and its members and shall keep the President aware of any and all incoming correspondence that should be brought to the attention of club members. The Secretary may, however, designate any person to keep the minutes for any meeting.

  • Agenda
  • Meeting Notes
  • Meeting Scheduling
  • Maintain all Bylaws
  • Vote Tracking and documentation
  • 2nd Review of all bank accounts monthly and financials


The New Membership Board position will be responsible for recruiting new members to the Club.

  • Solicit new members/prospects
  • Maintain contact with new members and introduce them to current members
  • Onboarding of New Members